Hi there, and welcome to the Composition Closet Wiki!

Now, introductions aside, hi! We're so excited to have you here! There are plenty of things to do, such as roleplay with other users, write stories and read original creations by people all over the globe.

A quick thank you to all the wonderful people who help set up this wiki:

- Jade, for founding the wiki

- Lexi, for setting up most departments and creating all the Council roles

- Zinnia, for setting up the code format for some pages

These people helped set up the entire wiki!

Starter Guide

Information located here as well.

Welcome to the Composition Closet! You might wonder, what is this wiki about? Well, this page will tell you all about it! Composition Closet's purpose is to be a friendly, unique community for users to enjoy themselves in. You can write stories(does not have to be related to a series), or read stories written from other users!

Feeling lost, overwhelmed, or confused? Here is some information to get you back on your feet:

  • Leave a message on your wall and the will come and help you around, whatever it might be!
  • Contact one of our friendly Council members! They are always here to help others in need, and will certainly welcome your questions with open arms!
  • Read through the Wiki Policies and Guidelines! Although most of the rules listed on that page are rules you should follow without anyone telling you to, there are some policies you might want to know to make sure you won't break any of those rules in the future.
  • Story-based pages! The Composition Closet includes writing stories or reading stories, and you can certainly visit the Writing Log to view stories that are completed or ongoing!

Create a new article!

A story can have any type of format, plot or characters.

If the work isn't written by you, but taken off the internet, credit the author from the internet, and if possible, ask for permission.

Once you create any story, log it on the Writing Log.


Every month, there will be a featured user and story, as well as the writing

They will be posted here, the "Winners" tab, the "Featured" tab, and on the News and Announcements Board.

Month of June: No Announcements

ages to Note:

  1. Writing Log
  2. Wiki Policies and Guidelines
  3. Starter Guide
  4. Category Testing

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Roleplay Stations!

If you'd like to participate in a roleplay,

you can head over to the Roleplay Stations!

To join those you have to have a Roleplay Characters form filled out and must have it approved by the head of the stations.

Credits to Lexi for making the Roleplay Stations.

[Roleplay Stations are Currently on Hiatus]


Credits to Zinnia for creating the template.

Credits to Lexi for remodeling the whole template.

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